Natural way to succeed in conceiving a baby

Christos Breyannis, N.D.

The constant feeling of helplessness and emotional distress would overcome me, knowing that my wife and I were unable to conceive a child due to a pituitary tumor that she was diagnosed with from the age of fifteen. She had been followed by a series of endocrinologists who proscribed a pharmaceutical drug that she had been given from the age of fifteen. But it did not clear the tumor. Thereafter, a surgery was performed in order to remove the tumor, but it was unsuccessful. I had then given up on doctors and conventional medicine.

It is said that everything happens for a reason; in my case this despair in finding a solution for my wife’s medical issue lead me to open my mind and explore new avenues. I then embarked on a research journey to better understand what constitutes health and how to help heal my wife’s illness, which in turn lead me to become more health conscious and to study naturopathy
I registered in the International Institute of Naturopathy where I learned about the natural health factors and the fundamentals of leading a healthy and positive life. With my teacher Dr Francois Fares, ND. I received a solid training, completed an internship.

During this course, I was introduced to the natural health factors which my wife and I incorporated into our everyday life. For example, we ate mostly organic fruits and vegetables, kept away from animal protein, drank pure water, exercised regularly, insured we got enough rest and sleep, enjoyed staying out in the sun, took natural supplements and maintained a positive outlook on life. Furthermore, we incorporated into our diet fruits and vegetables juices on a daily basis. In essence, we changed our lifestyle by following all the natural health factors. This in turn helped fortify my wife’s immune system.
Finally we prayed and followed a spiritual path finding peace and completing the all-natural health circle.

And, thereafter, we received the ultimate gift, our little baby boy Raphael Michael.
Mind, body and soul were now healed. I truly believe, by learning about and applying the natural health factors, one can keep healthy and reverse illnesses.